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Being Without A JOB By Aneek Gupta

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Being Without A JOB is a ghastly seed; which flowers into a graveyard of sullen nothingness; for centuries immemorial,

Being Without A JOB is a pathetic maelstrom of obnoxious malice; which cripples very trace of vibrant existence; till realms beyond absurd recognition,

Being Without A JOB is the most agonizing of trauma in an organism’s visage; a perfidious quarantine that remains with your silhouette once it takes even the most infidel of roots,

Being Without A JOB is the onset of disdainful morbidity; with even the most euphorically gyrating nerves of your body; now ignominiously vomiting the last ingredient of your sagacious blood,

Being Without A JOB is a malicious stamp of the horrendously penalizing devil; insanely annihilating all melodiously bountiful desire from its very poignant roots,

Being Without A JOB is a treacherously abominable parasite; malevolently extricating even the last iota of celestially fructifying nutrition; from your wonderfully robust body,

Being Without A JOB is the ultimate curse on all fraternity of living kind; insidiously asphyxiating the fangs of your existence; even before you could wink your eyes,

Being Without A JOB is an avalanche of decaying neglect which unceremoniously augments with each instant of unveiling time; rendering even the most gloriously synergistic of your rudiments to baseless shit,

Being Without A JOB is the most acrimoniously devastating nail in your coffin; unsparingly lambasting you with swords of horrific disdain; even after your veritable death,

Being Without A JOB is an indescribable holocaust for the boundless planet; lecherously snaring its satanically ostracizing shadows towards nothing else; but a solitary dungeon of gory bloodshed and doom,

Being Without A JOB is the most perniciously sinister abuse that you could have ever conceived; mercilessly excoriating an entity’s integrity into a million infinitesimal pieces of meaninglessness,

Being Without A JOB is an intransigently emotionless night that never ends; a gruesomely pulverizing blackness that has not even the tiniest insinuation of an optimistic tomorrow,

Being Without A JOB is a diabolical wave of perilous remorsefulness; metamorphosing even the most capricious iota of ebullience enshrouding your soul into a corpse of overwhelming dilapidation and ominous decay,

Being Without A JOB is an unsurpassable satanic entrenchment of preposterously sinking boredom; endlessly scarring your sacrosanct visage with the signature of utterly devastating hopelessness,

Being Without A JOB is the most torturously inexplicable disease; a severely pugnacious ailment which leads to nothing else but a tunnel of dismally dolorous blackness,

Being Without A JOB is a wasteland of acridly thwarting debilitation; propelling you to vindictively stumble into a battlefield of gory blood and bone; on every step that you transgressed,

Being Without A JOB is a revengeful gutter of squelching stench; barbarically assassinating even the most evanescent trace of optimism encapsulating your spell binding countenance,

Being Without A JOB is a venomously belligerent thorn that incessantly pierces the crux of your exuberant existence; triggering every element of your persona to unstoppably bleed till times beyond infinite infinity,

Being Without A JOB is a cold-bloodedly shattered glass; which transformed even the most majestically resplendent of your contours; into the corpses of ghastly penalizing hell,

Being Without A JOB is the most tyrannically truculent form of sparkling life; ruthlessly sapping even the most fleeting iota of enthusiasm from your unassailable body,

Being Without A JOB is an endless tornado of ferociously repelling bullets; hastily infiltrating every pore of your conscience with a blanket of derogatorily corrupt lies,

Being Without A JOB is an unrelenting swirl of self inflicted destruction; transiting every speck of your inherently benign goodness; into a insanely uncouth murderer,

Being Without A JOB is a desert of savagely threadbare hostility; leaving a trail of blood stained avarice and discriminating prejudice on every quarter of this fathomless earth,

Being Without A JOB is the greatest sin that you could ever be born for; a web of nonchalant drudgery that miserably crucified everything that you ardently desired,

Being Without A JOB is the most quintessential spark that evokes indiscriminate violence; agonizingly transforming God’s unconquerable fabric of humanity; into an irascible marketplace of trading death,

Being Without A JOB is the despicably lugubrious ceasing of your heart; the dastardly dying of every harmoniously enchanting rhyme in the blissfully enthralling atmosphere,

Being Without A JOB is the most criminally castigating snapping of your beautifully endowing breath; rendering you with nothing but an appalling expletive for this miraculously mesmerizing planet,


Aneek Gupta

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