Indian States /Cities And their literally Direct meaning — Aneek Gupta

Aneek Gupta

Aneek Gupta

1. Large State: Maha-Rastra
2. Place Of King: Raja-Sthan
3. Queen’s Field: Rani-Khet
4. Mr. City: Sri-Nagar
5. Rhythm Of Eyes: Nani-Taal
6. Face: Surat
7. Unmarried Girl: Kany-Kumri
8. God’s State: Hari-Dwar
9. Brick City: Ita-Ngr
10. Saint Hair: Rishi-Kesh
11. Call End: Kol-Kata
12. No Zip: Chen-Nai
13. Come On Sun: Arun-Aa-Chal
14. Come In Evening: Aa-Saam
15. Go N Come: Go-A
16. And Finally Do Drama: Kar-Natak

Cool Isn’t It
Aneek Gupta

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