A Tree And We

Aneek Gupta

Aneek Gupta

A Tree That Once Stood Alone
A Tree That Was Unstable
And Not Very Strong

A Tree That Didn’t Have Much Of A Chance
For A Tree For No One Did Understand

A Tree That Was So Afraid To Let Go
For That Reason — That Tree Never Learned To Grow

A Tree That Never Felt The Warmth Of The Sun
Or Made Shadows In The Moon
For A Tree Who Could Seem To Never
Blossom Into Something New

A Tree With Branches That Snaped
With Thunderstorms And Hurricanes
Beating On Its Back

A Tree That Never Grows Up To Be All It Could Be
I Wonder What Was Holding These Tree Back From Its Dreams

Poem By Destiny Tatum School Going Girl From Texas Birthday: September 12

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